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retail stats
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Below are some interesting Retail Australia Statistics. If you need to know Aussie retail stats for knowledge purpose or planning to start a new business, these stats will help you. Knwoing that most Aussies spent money on buying home stuff online, for example, will not hurt when you are planning to start a business in that niche.

Stats are powerful and can be used to your advantage. So get your stats right and keep reading.

Retail turnover in Australia has seen a continued year on year increase since 2004. In 2019, total retail turnover in the country was approximately 329.6 billion Australian dollars, an increase of around nine billion Australian dollars from the previous year.

retail stats
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Retail turnover by industry
Australians love food. Not just a steak or lamb but they are in live with cuisine from all over the world thanks to the diversity in population. International students, settlers bring their own cuisine from different parts of the world and it become part of Aussie food culture.
No wonder, the Australian food retail industry has seen steady year on year growth over the same years and recognised a total turnover of 130.55 billion Australian dollars in 2018. Clothing, footwear and personal accessory industries had a turnover of approximately 25.08 billion Australian dollars in the same year, and the household goods industry recognised a total turnover of 55.06 billion Australian dollars in 2018.

Online vs offline

Australians are known to love the topics of house, backyards and similar. This can be seen in Australia TV ads, TV shows like The Block and many businesses are also around the same. So, this comes as no surprise that Australians spent the most online on homewares. In 2017, products for the home accounted for 20 percent of all online spending, media products for 17.5 percent, and groceries for 16.7 percent.

Offline, nearly three quarters of Australians said they had bought something from a pharmacy within the last 12 months in 2019, and a similar amount said they had purchased an item from a clothing, apparel or shoe store.

Covid19 update

The retail industry was hit badly as a result of Covid19. The nationwide restrictions lead people to stay home making the retail businesses suffer. The full ABS data released for April 2020 shows a 17.7% fall in estimated retail turnover from March 2020 to April 2020, with turnover falling 9.2% in April 2020 compared with the same period last year.

“As restrictions lift, we are encouraged to see Australia’s retail community shifting out of crisis towards recovery. Having confirmed that we are already in an economic recession, by all measures this recovery will be slow,” said Mr Zahra.

However, online sales grew making Australia Post very busy in last few months. As per Australia Post, the number of parcels have gone up as more people are choosing to stay home.



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