who owns airbnb

Who owns Airbnb

Here we cover details on Who Owns Airbnb, how Airbnb operates and more details. Being on tour in another country or your home country may seem exciting, but this excitement is not long-lived if you cannot find yourself a comfortable and much cozier accommodation. Airbnb does that for you in Read More

Air New Zealand Limited Profile Reuters Who owns Air New Zealand

Who owns Air New Zealand

Traveling to new destinations on a comfy journey may remind you of the hospitality of a true airliner? Air New Zealand offers that hospitality and not just that, this giant airliner doesn’t limit itself to flying only but a lot more. You must have become curious about Air New Zealand! Read More

Who owns Australia post

Who Owns Australia Post

Have you ever wondered who owns Australia Post? Australia Post is owned by the government and it has only two shareholders. They are the Minister for Communications and the Minister for Finance.  Australia Post is a Corporate Commonwealth Entity, governed by the legislation of the Australian Postal Communication Act 1989.  Read More